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Welcome to Cooperstown, Tim Raines!

077f2dc9-365e-4c80-8dc4-259a3fdb67a7_ORIGINALThe Montreal Baseball Project is elated at the news of the election of Montreal Expos legend Tim Raines to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

"I am thrilled that Tim will now be taking his rightful place in the Baseball Hall of Fame," says Montreal Baseball Project founder and president Warren Cromartie. "A lifelong friend and teammate, he was one of the most legendary players in Expos history and it is fantastic to see him join Andre Dawson and Gary Carter as representatives of the Expos franchise in Cooperstown. "His illustrious career will finally be recognized with the highest honour in baseball. He was one of the best players of his era, and this recognition is one that is truly well-deserved."

The implications of this development for the return of baseball to Montreal are significant, according to Cromartie.

"Having another Expo in the Baseball Hall of Fame will allow for Montreal to further carve its place in baseball history, and strengthen the case for it to once again be home to a Major League team. Tim is an important part of Montreal's baseball history, which will take center stage at the induction ceremony in July."

"Despite winning the World Series with a franchise as prestigious as the New York Yankees and having success in other cities like Chicago, Montreal has always been close to Tim's heart. Montreal should be very proud of his accomplishment, and I know Expos fans everywhere share in our excitement at this news today."

The excellent results for former Expos all-star Vladimir Guerrero in his first year of eligibility are also a very positive development.

"I am also very pleased to see such a strong showing for Vladimir in his first year on the ballot", adds Cromartie. "It would be incredible to have one of the most electric players in Expos history join the Hall of Fame as soon as next year, so we can relive this once again. Today is without a doubt a very special day for Expos fans everywhere and we can all take immense pride in it."

Montreal Baseball Project is planning to celebrate Raines and his remarkable career later on this year, and give fans the opportunity to partake in this tribute.

Statement by Warren Cromartie on the presentation of Jackie Robinson’s contracts at Montreal City Hall

I unfortunately could not be here with you today to attend these festivities, due to prior commitments. I would like to commend the organizers of this event, Mr.Vaillancourt, Mr.Kontilai, Mr.King, and our representatives from the city of Montreal.
I would also like to express how pleased the Montreal Baseball Project is to know that another piece of the incredible story of Jackie Robinson's ascension to Major League Baseball has been secured, in the form of these authentified contracts.

These contracts are a testament to Montreal's important place in baseball history, and the role the city played as a catalyst to the integration of minorities in Major League Baseball. Montreal's acceptance of Jackie Robinson, at a time when he faced open discrimination everywhere else, is a wonderful story that captures the essence of the city and the rich diversity that defines it today.

This spirit is part of what makes baseball so special to Montrealers and what led to Montreal's own ascension to Major League Baseball in 1969, and the birth of the Expos. They also strengthen the resolve of the Montreal Baseball Project to make Montreal a Major League city again, and build upon the tremendous success we have experienced in the last few years.

The work to secure these contracts and give them their due respect and recognition can not be understated. They mark an important passage not only in baseball's history, but in American history as well. I applaud the efforts of Collectors Café with regards to these historical documents, and thank them for sharing these with Montreal.



Warren Cromartie, Founder and President, Montreal Baseball Project


Tuesday March 29, 2016- I am very pleased to hear that the attendance at the exhibition games between the Blue Jays and the Red Sox will surpass 100,000 spectators. It will once again show how excited Montreal is for baseball, and how strong it is as a baseball market.

Recently, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred Jr. outlined what he would like to see from Montreal and prospective owners as it relates to the return of baseball to the city. I support these comments and I can confirm that the Montreal Baseball Project group will address these as part of the process we are undertaking.

For Montreal to welcome the Red Sox and Blue Jays to town will be a great honour. Before the arrival of the Expos, the Red Sox were a team that had a strong following in Montreal. That allegiance still exists today as many Red Sox fans from the city and north of the border continue to passionately follow the team and visit Fenway every year. It will also be great to once again see the Toronto Blue Jays in Montreal, after their tremendous success in 2015, in which they were crowned American League East Champions.

To have close to 300,000 people attend a weekend of exhibition baseball games over 3 years will speak volumes to the baseball world, and have some bearing on the situations of the two teams looking to build new stadiums. I am greatly encouraged by our progress, and I would like to see local and corporate support continue to build for this goal to make Montreal a Major League city again.


Warren Cromartie meets with Red Sox upper management

Montreal, September 8, 2015 - On Monday September 7, Montreal Baseball Project founder and president Warren Cromartie travelled to Boston to meet with key members of the Red Sox organization, including owner John Henry, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer Sam Kennedy and President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski.

"It was great to meet with the three of them and to speak about what we have accomplished here in Montreal, in our quest to bring Major League Baseball back to the city," said Cromartie. "They were well aware of our efforts and the tremendous support there is throughout the baseball world for what we have set out to do." Cromartie was also invited on Red Sox radio to talk about the groundswell of support for baseball in Montreal.

"I was particularly pleased to hear from them how much support there is for the return of baseball to Montreal in the Boston area, and how there is a strong overlap between the fan bases of both cities. I saw many fans wearing Expos hats and jerseys. I look forward to the day when the Boston Red Sox come to Montreal for a Major League baseball game."

The Montreal Baseball Project is an organization founded with the objective of bringing a Major League Baseball back team to Montreal. The city has a rich baseball history that included being the catalyst for Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball, and with a regional population of close to 4 million people, it is currently the largest North American city without a baseball franchise. Montreal Baseball Project seeks to build upon the recent groundswell of demand for baseball in Montreal and deliver a team back to the community.
Photo : John Henry, Warren Cromartie, Sam Kennedy.
Photo : John Henry, Warren Cromartie, Sam Kennedy.